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Proving a Brighter Future to Underprivileged Children

The sad truth is that only one in four high school students in Ohio will ever go on to college and graduate with a four year degree, and less than 15% will ever move into higher studies. Additionally, most of the children who slip through the cracks in our educational system come from low income families. The Skip Ivery Agency believes that education is one of the most important factors in determining health, happiness, and success throughout life, and we are launching a campaign to help ensure children in our area stay in school.

Ambassadors for Improving Education

As Regional Ambassadors for #AgentsofChange in central Ohio, the Skip Ivery Agency is committed to assisting our children with their academic careers. Our ongoing campaign will help provide underprivileged children in our area with access to scholastic resources, encourage our children to stay in school, and provide mentorship opportunities to young people by connecting them with leaders in our local community.

To do all of this, we need your help.

Help Us Keep Children in School

You can be part of the effort to help our children stay in school and it won’t cost you anything. We’d like you to invite your friends and family to come visit us at the Skip Ivery Agency so we can share information about this campaign and provide them with a free insurance consultation. When they leave, we will make a donation to a local educational charity IN YOUR NAME as a way of saying thank you.

Improve Educational Outcomes for our Children

 This campaign is an opportunity for you and everyone else in the Franklin County region to help make a positive difference in the lives of children who deserve the best education we can possible provide. We hope you will join us.


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The Skip Ivery Agency

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Proving a Brighter Future to Underprivileged Children
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