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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational vehicle insurance is insurance coverage for recreational vehicles. These vehicles are normally used for traveling long distances, so they are generally high risk to insure. The insurance company takes this into account when deciding on the cost of insurance. They also consider how often the vehicle is on the road.

This insurance is specifically for motorized and towable recreational vehicles. Examples of RVs that can be hauled include Fifth Wheel, Toy Hauler and Travel Trailer. In order to purchase RV insurance, the owner has to present proof of registration and title. A safety inspection might be necessary as well.

As mentioned earlier, the risk factor affects the cost of the insurance. For example, large Class C motor homes are at high risk of fire damage because they have built-in kitchens and electrical and gas-powered equipment. The owner must also show that he or she has taken proper care to minimize problems involving fire and water damage.

Types of Coverage

Motorized RVs should be insured with liability coverage to pay for medical bills of injured drivers and passengers following an accident. Non-motorized RVs need comprehensive and collision coverage for most damage made by other vehicles, animals or people.


Recreational vehicle insurance provides financial assistance for mishaps that occur with your RV. You also get liability coverage, which is a huge benefit. It’s also likely that you need this coverage to be in compliance with your state laws.