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Homeowners Insurance

For most people, their home is the biggest financial investment of their lives. It makes sense to have homeowners insurance to protect that investment. Could you survive financially should a fire or natural disaster damage your home? If not, then insurance coverage is definitely something you should have.

This policy is insurance that covers your real estate against loss from numerous catastrophes. It might also include liability coverage, which would protect you should someone get hurt on your property.

Anyone who owns a home needs this coverage. Even if you don’t live in the home, it’s smart to have insurance. Without it, you’ll be facing huge expenses if something happens to the home. If you own a home that you rent out, then you need a different type of coverage.

How it Works

If your home is damaged, then you file a claim with your insurance company. Once the claim is verified, your insurer will provide financial assistance to remedy the problem. If you have a personal liability claim, then your insurer will work to settle or help defend you in court.


Most of these policies cover incidents such as fire, wind and hail damage. But excludes damage caused by earthquakes, floods, industrial accidents and acts of war. You also need to know if your policy pays actual value or replacement value on your home and possessions.


Homeowners insurance protects your home and possessions against loss from natural events and other damage. The personal liability support is good as well.