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Boat Insurance

Boat insurance is a great investment for anyone who owns a boat. Boats aren’t cheap, and it makes sense to have financial protection in the event of any accident or damage. Accidents can happen to boats the same as with any other vehicle. That’s why boat owners should also have boat insurance.

Who Needs this Coverage?

Anyone who owns a boat should have boat insurance. For the purpose of insurance, the following vessels are considered boats: sailboats, pontoons, cabin cruisers, bass boats and other marine vessels that use motors to operate.


The insurance company will determine the value of the boat. They will also evaluate the risks involved in insuring the boat. For example, a power boat that can cruise at over 70 miles per hour might not qualify for standard insurance coverage because of the high risk level that’s involved. The premium will be determined based on the findings.

Types of Coverage

Liability coverage pays for medical bills of people involved in an accident. It can also pay for property damage involving docks, marinas, piers and other boats. With uninsured watercraft coverage, insurance will provide compensation for insured individuals who suffer from the actions of uninsured boaters.


Like with all insurance, boat insurance provides peace of mind and financial security for people who like to cruise the waters. It feels good knowing your investment is financially protected in the event of several kinds of mishaps.